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As an independent jeweler, we don’t have the overhead like the chain stores. We are also a member of the Independent Jewelers Organization, the largest buying group for jewelers in the world. Not only do we travel to Antwerp, Belgium and buy directly from the cutters, we also have special relationships with many direct diamond suppliers here in the U.S.

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We are regional experts in custom jewelry design! You can email or bring us a picture and through consultation we can design something for you. While our most common custom jobs are new engagement rings, we have done pins, figurines, watchbands, family rings, anniversary rings, and more. We regularly use your existing jewelry to make new creations as well. Come in any time for a consultation.

We Buy Scrap Gold, Silver and Coins

WE PAY THE MOST FOR YOUR SCRAP GOLD!!! Come in and get a quote; our goal is to pay the most, period! If for some reason you get a higher quote promptly come back and we will beat it! 25% MORE GIVEN IF USED AS IN STORE CREDIT/TRADE. (Prices change with the market.)


We do appraisals for customers who want to insure their jewelry. For more details, click here to learn more about appraisals for engagement rings. Your engagement and wedding rings come with a free appraisal. On items not purchased from us, one appraisal costs $95.00. Same day appointments can be made for $125.00.

Appraisal time frames vary depending on how many appraisals are in process. Multiple items and/or lower priced items can drastically reduce the overall price of an appraisal. Call us or stop by for details.


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Trust needs to be earned….

It’s a bit more difficult to establish relationships with companies today…. there are no telephone company offices anymore. If I need anything from the telephone company I need to enter the black hole of what passes for service, the purgatory of the automated service directory where you have to push all kinds of buttons on your phone and maybe, maybe if you are lucky, you might actually talk to a service person. if you are really lucky you might even be able to understand the variety of English that they are using in that corner of the world where the customer service call center is located.

Today, finding a jeweler that you can work with is also becoming more difficult. Many of the old established family jewelers have had to go through some major changes and some of them did not survive. All too often, maybe the only jewelers that many people even think about, are the national chains located in shopping malls.

These stores tend to just train their salespeople how to sell and they generally don’t have a strong background in jewelry. Unfortunately the turnover of people in these stores tends to be rather high, so the person you talked to about a diamond 2 months ago might not be there today.

Buying online is a whole new experience!

the owner

There are some really good and some bad jewelry merchants on the Internet. I’ve looked at a lot of websites that sell jewelry and diamonds or are informational websites about diamonds (like my website), and it never ceases to amaze me how some of these sites never tell you who they are, where they are located, and what is their background in the jewelry business. Having some basic information about the people you will be dealing with will be an important element…. it’s that “trust” thing again! After all, you are considering buying diamonds, not an iPod.

I guess a lot of interaction with companies has gotten too “corporate”. I’d like to let you know that I’m not a corporation…. just a guy who knows a few things about diamonds sitting in front of a computer. I hope you will continue to read the “Home” page and then the ” About Us” page. I’ll work at earning your trust and I hope that I’ll able to point you in the right direction towards your perfect diamond.

Here is a very good example of what can happen. People can be talked into doing some really stupid things by other people who know how to push the right buttons. I’m sure the people involved in this were thinking that they were really getting a good deal because they were “eliminating the middlemen”!

I am positive that we are the best place to buy. The main reason is simply because you can be absolutely positive that for the price you pay you are getting the best value. Also, I guarantee all my products; if you have a problem with anything you buy here it becomes my priority to take care of the issue with no hassle on your part. I pledge a sincere commitment to the needs of my customers.


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